Chrysler 2.4L Index of Articles

This tutorial will help you test the crankshaft position (CKP) sensor on the 1996-2002 2.4L Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth mini-vans. The crankshaft position sensor test I'm... [read more]

Testing engine compression is not hard and in this tutorial I'll explain the test and how to interpret its results. With your test results you'll be able to find out if an... [read more]

Testing the throttle position sensor is a piece of cake on the 1998, 1999, and 2000 2.4L Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager. What makes this test so easy is the fact that... [read more]

In this tutorial, I'm going to help you diagnose and test the manifold absolute pressure sensor, commonly known as the MAP sensor. The MAP sensor is a pretty easy component... [read more]