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In this tutorial, I'll explain how to test the engine compression on the Ford Escape (Mazda Tribute) with a 3.0L 6-cylinder engine. More importantly, I'll explain how to... [read more]

A blown head gasket, on your 3.0L Ford Escape (3.0 Mazda Tribute), isn't that hard to diagnose. It's something that the DIY'er can do very accurately without having to take... [read more]

Troubleshooting and testing the throttle position sensor on your Ford or Mercury with a 3.0L V6 engine can easily be done in three... [read more] at:

The fuel pump output can be tested with a fuel pressure gauge. This is due to the fact that the 3.0L Ford Escape comes equipped with a Schrader valve. And it's to this valve... [read more]

The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) on your 3.0L V6 Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute can be easily tested with a multimeter. No Scan... [read more] at:

The throttle position sensor (TPS for short) on your 3.0L Ford Ranger (3.0L Mazda B3000) produces an analog voltage signal as you step on or off the accelerator pedal. This... [read more]

Testing the COP coils in your 3.0L Ford Escape (or 3.0L Mazda Tribute) can be a challenge, since three of them are under the Intake... [read more] at:

Sooner or later, the fuel pump in your 3.0L equipped Ford Ranger (or Mazda B3000) is gonna' fail. And let me tell you that testing it is not hard. In this tutorial I'll... [read more]

This tutorial will help you to test the Cooling Fan Motors and Cooling Fan Motor Relays on your Ford Escape or Mazda Tribute in a... [read more] at:

The fuel pump, in your 3.0L Ford, can be easily tested with an inexpensive fuel pressure test gauge. This is due to the fact that your 3.0L V6 equipped Ford Taurus (Mercury... [read more]