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The above typical ignition system wiring diagram applies only to the 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 3.3L Nissan Quest And Mercury Villager. It includes the following circuits:... [read more]

Programming a new remote (key FOB) for your 1998-2002 Nissan isn't hard. In this tutorial I'll explain the steps. I'll also tell you where you can buy one that'll cost you a... [read more]

The idle switch on your 3.3L Nissan Pathfinder (Frontier, Xterra, QX4) is part of the throttle position sensor assembly and can be easily tested with a simple multimeter... [read more]

Testing the MAP sensor (and the resulting P0105 code) on your Nissan Pathfinder isn't hard and in this tutorial I'll show you how to. You don't need any expensive testing... [read more]

As you're probably already aware, the throttle position sensor on your Nissan is two sensors in 1. One part of the assembly is the actual TP sensor and the other part is the... [read more]

Testing the MAP/BARO switch solenoid valve (and the resulting P1105 trouble code) on your Nissan Pathfinder isn't hard and it's something you can do yourself. In this... [read more]

Testing a No Start-No Spark or a misfire condition on your Nissan Mini-Van or Pick Up or SUV or the Mercury Villager (with the 3.3L... [read more] at:

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to test diagnostic trouble codes P0130 and P0150 on your 3.3L equipped Nissan Pathfinder. These codes indicate a problem with... [read more]

This type of MAF Sensor is used on the 3.3L V6 Nissan engine. So if you need to test the Mass Airflow Sensor on a Nissan Quest, or... [read more] at: