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In this tutorial, I'm gonna' present to you my ‘Cheat Sheet’ of resistance values that I use to quickly test the Throttle Actuator... [read more] at:

In this tutorial, I'm gonna' help you troubleshoot Throttle Position (TP) Sensor 2, also know as TP Sensor B, to see if this bad... [read more] at:

This article will show you how to test the MAF on your GM Car, Pick Up, or SUV using a Digital Multimeter and without using a Scan... [read more] at:

This test tutorial will help you diagnose a P0120: Throttle Position (TP) Sensor 1 Malfunction with the Throttle Actuator Control... [read more] at:

The Mass Air Flow Sensor on your 2003-2008 GMC Savana Van or Chevy Express Van can be easily tested in three steps and without a... [read more] at:

‘Fly-by-wire’ systems are being used in a lot of cars and pickups on the road today and one of the most common ‘Fly-by-Wire’... [read more] at:

Bench testing the starter is the most effective way to find out if the Starter Motor is in fact bad. This is an easy test that you... [read more] at:

Testing the GM Coil-On-Plug Ignition Coils on your Pick Up truck or SUV is pretty simple and this article will show you just how to... [read more] at:

Testing the Engine Compression on your 4.8L, 5.0L, or 6.0L Engine is not hard to do. A compression test will help you to determine... [read more] at: