Checking For A Lack Of Fuel

How To Troubleshoot A No Start (Honda 1.5L)

If the ignition system, on your 1.5L Honda Civic, is creating and delivering spark to all 4 cylinders, then the next step is to check the fuel pump.

A failed fuel pump or a bad fuel pump relay (located in the Main PGM Relay) that's causing a ‘no fuel’ condition will result in a ‘cranks but does not start condition’.

Checking the fuel pump involves making sure that fuel is reaching the fuel injectors. You can confirm if fuel is missing (or not) by:

  1. Checking fuel pressure with a fuel pressure test gauge. Fuel pressure should be at leas 35 PSI.
  2. Spraying starting fluid into the throttle body and then having a helper crank the engine (to see if the engine starts).

The fuel pressure gauge is connected to one of the fuel filter's banjo bolts with a fuel pressure test adapter that must have a 1.0mm thread pitch. This adapter is usually labeled as: 6mm adapter or Honda M8x1.0 banjo bolt (or Import M8x1.0) adapter.

You can find a detailed explanation on how to test the fuel pump here: How To Test The Fuel Pump In 2 Tests (1.5L Honda Civic).

NOTE: The accuracy of the starting fluid test, to check for a lack of fuel, depends on having spark at all four cylinders.

Checking Engine Mechanical Condition

Checking Engine Mechanical Condition (1.5L Honda)

If your diagnostic test have confirmed the presence of spark and a good working fuel pump, then the next step is to check your Civic's engine compression.

Testing the engine's compression is probably one of the most overlooked test when testing a hard to diagnose no start.

If a compression problem is behind your 1.5L Honda engine's problem, the cylinder's value will be at 0 PSI. A 0 PSI compression test result usually indicates:

  1. Broken timing belt.
  2. Blown head gasket.
  3. Blown engine.

A compression value of 120 + is usually considered normal for these older 1.5L Honda engines. You can find the engine compression test explained in detail here: How To Test Engine Compression (Honda 1.5L).

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