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Keeping on top of the cooling system, on your 1.9L, 2.0L equipped Ford vehicle will save you a ton of money. Yes, maintenance does involve spending time and money, but if you let that little coolant leak go, or continue driving the vehicle even tho' it's overheating, the end result will be a major financial headache.

Overheating and coolant leak issues usually lead to blown head gaskets if they are not attended to immediately.

The following are personal recommendations:

  1. If the radiator plastic tanks crack, replace the radiator or fix it as soon as possible. These cracks will also prevent the Cooling System from pressurizing and over time and many many miles, you'll have a blown head gasket issue.
  2. Flush the anti-freeze at least twice a year. From personal experience, I don't buy into the hype that anti-freeze can last 100,000 miles and I suggest you don't either.
  3. If you don't or can't flush the anti-freeze, at least do a radiator drain and fill.
  4. Replace the thermostat as a maintenance issue, just like you would replace a fuel filter. You don't have to replace it every year, but if you plan to keep your car for a while, replace it every two years.
  5. Replace the radiator upper and lower hoses if they are bulging at the hose clamps or the rubber the hose is made of is too spongy.
  6. If your vehicle overheats while you're driving, pull over into a safe spot and have it towed home or to your trusted automotive repair shop.

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