Ignitor Wiring Diagram 1995-1996 1.5L Toyota Tercel

NOTE: The following tutorial will help you diagnose the Ignitor (ignition control module) in a step-by-step way: How To Test The Ignitor -Step By Step (1995-1996 1.5L Toyota Tercel).

Ignitor Harness Connector Pin Out

Ignitor Harness Connector Pin Out (1995-1996 1.5L Toyota Tercel)
1995-1996 1.5L Tercel Ignitor Connector
Pin Wire Color Description
1 Red with white stripe IGC2 -2/3 Ignition coil control signal
2 Light green with black stripe IGF -Ignition coil firing feedback
3 White with black stripe GND -Chassis ground
4 Blue with yellow stripe IGT2 -Ignitor control signal cylinders 2/3
5 Light green IGT1 -Ignitor control signal cylinders 1/4
6 Black with blue stripe TACH -Tachometer signal
7 Black with orange stripe +B -Battery power
8 Red IGC1 -1/4 Ignition coil control signal

NOTE: The Ignitor engine harness connector has female terminals.