Thanks for stopping by and reading/using the info presented here. I have spent countless hours trying to make sure I've dotted my i's and crossed all of my t's... in plain english: making sure the info in this site and in the test articles is correct and reliable. But (and there's always one) I make no guarantees.

All of the testing information is based on my own first hand knowledge and experience. I offer it as an opinion of what may or may not resolve the issue you're researching. You are free to use this info to repair your vehicle, since I'm of the opinion that you'll find test information that WILL solve the issue. What no one has permission to do, is copy verbatim (word for word) any part of the site and/or information by any means.

Are You a Web Publisher? Read This

Most of you are here to just troubleshoot and repair your own vehicle and this info is geared specifically for you but if you're here doing research for your article or website or any other commercial purpose and you're going to use my testing information as a source, I expect (out of professional courtesy) a back link or reference to this Web Site (after all, I've paid my dues over the course of 19 years learning this trade).

If you are indeed another Web publisher looking for source material... please take note of the fact that I have no copyrighted material, but my own, in use here. So please respect my rights as an author. Thank you.

Think Safety Always

Remember to always think SAFETY FIRST! Take all necessary safety precautions when working around or on a vehicle, like using safety glasses, using jack stands, etc. Your safety is your responsibilty, so use the least common sense of all: common sense!

Also, if you don't have the tool or tools that the test article is describing to use... buy them, or rent them from your local auto parts store (AutoZone, O'Reilly, Pepboys, Advance Auto Parts, etc.). Using the wrong tool will only cause you headaches and time.