Nissan 2.4L, 2.5L Index of Articles

In this article I'll show you the basics of testing/troubleshooting a cranks but does not start condition on your Nissan 2.4L or 2.5L equipped vehicle. Whether your... [read more]

This tutorial will help you test the starter motor, on your 2.4L Nissan Frontier or Xterra, without removing it to bench test it. All the tests are explained in plain... [read more]

In this article, I'm gonna' show you how to do an engine compression test on your Nissan 2.4L Altima, Pathfinder or Xterra vehicle. An engine compression test is not hard... [read more]

In this article, I'm gonna' shed some light on how to troubleshoot Misfire Codes (P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304) on your Nissan Altima (or Frontier, Xterra) with the... [read more]

Testing the Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor on your 98-04 2.4L Nissan Frontier (or 2000-2004 2.4L Nissan Xterra) is not that hard. In... [read more] at:

This tutorial will explain the four most common blown head gasket tests you can perform to diagnose a blown head gasket on your 2.4L Nissan Altima (or Xterra,... [read more]

Testing your Nissan D21 Pick Up’s MAF Sensor, to see if it’s BAD or not, can be done in three easy and simple tests. They’re all... [read more] at:

In this tutorial, I'm gonna' show you one of the fastest and easiest ways I have used to diagnose bad fuel injectors on Nissan vehicles. You don't need any expensive... [read more]

The Camshaft Position Sensor in your 2.4L Frontier or XTerra is located inside the Engine’s Distributor. If the Cam Sensor (which... [read more] at:

This tutorial will help you to test the upstream oxygen sensor on your 2.4L Nissan Altima, Xterra or Frontier and/or troubleshoot OBD II codes P0131, P0133. The upstream... [read more]