How To Test: P0116 OBD II Trouble Code (Honda 2.2L, 2.3L)

Final Thoughts On P0116

From personal experience, I can tell you that it's extremely rare for the ECT sensor to be causing a P0116 DTC on your Honda.

The 2 most likely culprits are:

  1. Bad thermostat that's either stuck open or stuck closed or just missing.
  2. Low coolant level.
  3. Fan motors wired direct and over cooling.
  4. Fan motor that's inoperative.

Now, if your Honda is also registering trouble codes P0117 ECT Sensor Circuit Low Voltage and/or P0118 ECT Sensor Circuit High Voltage along with code P0116, then you should troubleshoot and repair these first before replacing the thermostat or any other cooling system related component.

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