Solenoids Are Good But Transmission Still Not Shifting

How To Test Shift Solenoid B and C (Honda 2.2L, 2.3L)

If you've tested and found either solenoid (shift solenoid B or shift solenoid C) good and your Honda's transmission isn't slipping yet a P0758: Shift Solenoid B Electrical and P0763: Shift Solenoid C Electrical keeps popping up, I would suggest that you:

  1. Check the continuity of circuit #2 between the shift solenoid in question and the PCM with a multimeter.
  2. Check the continuity of circuit #1 between the shift solenoid in question and chassis Ground.

The above two test will help you eliminate a possible ‘open’ in the wiring between the shift solenoid and the PCM (circuit #2) and between the shift solenoid and chassis Ground (circuit #1). To be able to do this, you'll need a wiring diagram of your specific Honda.

If after testing the wiring and you find no faults, then there's a good chance that you'll have to replace the shift solenoid in question to see if replacing it solves the problem. I know this isn't something you want to hear, but in some cases there's just no other way to troubleshoot the issue (I speak from personal experience and from comments other readers have sent in).

If after testing the solenoid, its related wiring, and/or replacing the shift solenoid and the problem still persists, then you either have a bad transmission (internal mechanical/hydraulic problem) or the PCM is bad. Before you run out and buy a PCM, let me tell you that it's very, very rare for a PCM to go bad and keep the transmission from shifting (it does happen but you're more likely to get hit by lightening that have this happen to you).

Now, if your Honda's transmission is slipping, then replacing the shift solenoid in question isn't gonna' help bring the transmission back to normal. Slippage is a direct result of internal damage to the friction discs or hard parts. The only way to solve a slippage issue is overhauling the transmission.

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