MAP Sensor Is Good But Code Doesn't Go Away!

Several things can cause the PCM to think that the MAP sensor is bad when it really isn't. In this section I'll offer a few tips and/or suggestions:

  1. Check engine mechanical health.
    1. This means doing a compression test.
    2. What you're looking for is uneven wear and tear between the cylinders. This means that the compression each cylinder is producing varies more than 15%.
    3. This tutorial will help: How To Test Engine Compression (Honda 2.2L, 2.3L).
  2. Make sure that the MAP sensor is getting power and Ground.
    1. Take a look at the following section: P0107 Basics You Need To Know.
  3. A short in the wiring between the MAP sensor and the PCM.
    1. You'll need to check the continuity of the 3 wires between the MAP sensor and the PCM using the appropriate wiring diagram.
  4. A bad PCM.
  5. A fuel system malfunction (that is also setting other trouble codes.
    1. If there are any other trouble codes, you'll need to diagnose and repair these first (since they may be indirectly causing the P0107 code).
  6. You've replaced the throttle body gasket and used silicone sealer on it and this sealer has plugged the MAP sensor's vacuum passage and/or orifice (I've seen this happen a lot!).

Where To Buy The MAP Sensor

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Give it a try and see for yourself just how much you can save! I think you'll agree that buying it online is a whole cheaper and can be done without having to deal with the hassle of getting to the auto parts store.

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