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If your Ford 3.0L, 3.8L Taurus (or Aerostar, Mustang, Windstar, Sable, Cougar, etc.) is overheating, and you have already verified that the thermostat, the fan motor (or fan... [read more]

When the thermostat fails, one of two things will happen. Either the engine overheats or stays so cool that the heater will not work. Thankfully, there is a way to test the... [read more]

In This Fast Test you'll be able to pinpoint the problem to the ignition control module or the ignition coil or the Profile... [read more] at:

This article will help you to troubleshoot the engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor on your Ford 3.0L, 3.8L equipped vehicle. As you can see, the engine coolant... [read more]

One of the most common problems, with MAF Sensor equipped Ford (Mercury and Lincoln) vehicles, is that the MAF Sensor’s Hot Wires will get dirty (contaminated). This... [read more]

When the ignition coil on your 2.9L, 3.0L or 3.8L Ford V6 goes bad, your Ford is not gonna' start and you might be left wondering if the problem is the ignition coil or the... [read more]

Testing the Ford Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor on all of the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars and trucks is a very simple test that can... [read more] at:

In this article I'll shed some light on how to test and diagnose a Ford (and Mercury) V-6 Ignition Coil Pack. You’ll learn how to... [read more] at:

The MAF Sensor on your 3.8L V6 Ford Mustang can be testes with a multimeter in 4 easy steps. You don’t need a Scan Tool to... [read more] at:

Whether your Ford or Mercury car or truck CRANKS but DOES NOT START or runs with a MISFIRE Condition, this article is for you. With... [read more] at: