Where To Buy The Crankshaft Position Sensor

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Reader's Real Life Case Studies And Solutions

In this section is input and feedback from all of the folks who have had a similar issue with their vehicle and found a solution. If you're one of them, I want to thank you for sharing your experience with all of us!

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Real Life Case Study 1

Vehicle: 1996 Chevy 1500 pickup, 5.7L

Trouble Codes: None

Complaint: NO START, NO FUEL and NO SPARK “The truck would crank but not start. I had no fire going to any of the spark plugs and the fuel injectors were not working. The mechanic told me that the spider fuel injector was bad because the fuel injector fuse was getting blown, but since the whole thing was so expensive, i decided to park it for a few days. a few days turned into a couple of weeks. Im glad i waited because the fuel injector assembly wasn't the problem anyway, it would have been a waste of money.”

Test Notes: “I read your write up on testing the crank sensor and the symptoms matched the ones on my pick up. I got my multimeter out and did the test myself.”

Repair: REPAIRED SHORTED CRANK SENSOR WIRE “Turned out that I was missing voltage to the crank sensor because the crank sensor wiring had come loose and came in contact with the exhaust manifold and shorted. This is what was burning the fuel injector fuse too. I repaired the burned wire and secured the wiring with plastic ties and replaced the fuse and the pick up started. man, i was happy, thanks for saving me a lot of money. ”

Courtesy of: Steve J. Wilson

Real Life Case Study 2

Vehicle: 1997 Silverado 1500 pickup, 2 wd, 5.7 liter Vortec 140,000 miles

Trouble Codes: None

Complaint: “We've had the truck for 2 years. ~140,000 miles on it. Intermittently stalls or won't start until multiple attempts, but eventually does after sitting for seconds, minutes, or hours. We've had our mechanic diagnose and replace or direct us to someone else to replace the gas tank, fuel pump,fuel filter, catalytic converter, distributor (twice), coil, and module. Probably more. So many I've forgotten them all. Problem still exists. Someone mentioned the crank sensor as the culprit and Answers.com describes symptoms just like we've had when that sensor goes bad..”

Test Notes: None.

Repair: REPLACED CRANK SENSOR “This morning I took a gamble and bought a new sensor at a local parts store for ~$60. It wasn't particularly hard to replace, plugging into a receptacle behind and beneath the harmonic balancer on the left side of the engine's front cover. I used one of the two shims included which the instructions say to use on older engines. My wife turned the key and vroooom! All the problems seem to have magically disappeared. I'll keep my fingers crossed since we've followed so many false leads with trying to fix the thing in the past, but my wife has driven it more than once today and happily reports that there's no more difficulty starting, it hasn't stalled on her once, and there's no more hesitation with acceleration.”

Courtesy of: Clay C.