Symptoms Of A BAD Starter Motor

The most common symptom of a BAD Starter are:

  1. 1

    When you turn the ignition switch to Start.. the starter motor does nothing on your Dodge Neon (or Stratus or Caravan or Chrysler Cirrus or Voyager, or any other 2.0L or 2.4L equipped Chrysler vehicle).

  2. 2

    A Jump Start does nothing to help crank the engine and let's you know that the battery is not the problem.

  1. 3

    You've bought a brand new battery (thinking that was the solution to the No Crank Condition) and this did nothing to get the car or mini-van to crank and start.

  2. 4

    Turn the key to start your Chrysler (or Dodge or Plymouth) car or mini-van and all you hear is a small knock and nothing else.

Although the above list is a not a very complete list of symptoms... the theme that runs thru' them, and any other related symptom, is that the engine will not turn over when the key is turned to crank the vehicle.

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